Keeping the Sea Entanglement Free

There are steps we can all take to help protect whales and pinnipeds, or as they are more commonly known: seals. 

From our friends at NOAA Fisheries, Pinniped Entanglement Group, and Alaska Department of Fish and Game they have devise three simple steps we can all take to help Lose the Loop.

SMELTS seals

Step 1 - Lose the Loop

Prevent nooses by cutting any loops before discarding it in the trash. This includes items like:

  • Packing Bands
  • Large black rubber bands
  • Rope / Line
  • Nets
  • Mono-filament line

All you  have to do is make a simple snip with some scissors to save sea animals.

Step 2 - Stash the Trash

Keep plastic and other discards out of the ocean. Next time you go out to the beach don't forget to pack a garbage bag to keep track of all your trash and maybe pick up a few more things as you walk back to the car.

Step 3 - Refuse single Use

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. You can help marine life by taking little actions every day. Take a reusable bag to the store. Take a reusable water bottle to the gym. Use glass plates, cups, silverware. People create marine debris and we can stop it too.


You can learn more by visiting NOAA Fisheries' Pinniped Entanglement in Marine Debris

If you discover an entangled marine mammal call the following hotline: 1-877-925-7773 right away.

If you would like to learn more about SMELTS technology and how we are helping prevent entanglement by providing another option to fishermen check out our Line-Less Crab and Line-Less Lobster Rafts.