to research
& development of technologies
that reduce harmful interactions
between humans & marine life.


Our Mission

Sea Mammal Education Learning Technology Society.
You can just call us SMELTS for short.

We are committed to performing research and developing new technology for rescue and prevention of harmful human interaction on marine life.  

We strive to educate communities on how to be stewards of the environment by focusing on the ocean and its global importance to life on Earth.


Our Projects


Line-Less Crab Raft &
Line-Less Lobster Raft

The design of our Line-Less gear is essentially the same as what crab and lobster fisherman have always used. We have simply taken the countless feet of lines and buoys and replaced them with inflatable bag technology.


Marine Mammal Collision Avoidance

When a boater is in close proximity to whales, they can fly the yellow caution flag as an indicator to approaching mariners to slow their speed and/or change course to avoid a possible collision

Get Involved

SMELTS (Sea Mammal Education Learning Technology Society)
is a non-profit located in Washington State. We are creating Marine Mammal Interaction prevention technologies.

Our focus is on eliminating entanglement in active fishing gear of large whales, pinnipeds, endangered sea turtles and basking sharks. We are also invested in the reduction of bycatch from Abandoned, Lost, Derelict Fishing Gear (ALDFG). We strive to educate our community on human interaction with sensitive groups of at risk species.

We encourage everyone to get involved in helping eliminate entanglement in active fishing gear through donation, education, or just learning more. There are ways you can help your community and marine life right now.  Please contact us today if you are interested in having a SMELTS representative attend a conference, give a presentation at a local school or to a group, or if you are interested in helping us achieve our goals.